Friday, February 12, 2010

Are conservatives really that stupid?

Listening to the likes of Hannity the manatee, Big Fat Idiot Limbaugh, just plain crazy Beck and everyone's favorite moron, Sara, plain and simple, question global warming because of the latest big snow storm makes me ask. "Are they really that stupid or are they just willing to damage any chance we have of stopping global warming for political gain?"

Now with Palin I think it is stupidity. Why is it the people who follow her just can't see how incredibly dumb this woman is? She is so simple she has the write her 3 talking points on her hand. The same 3 she's been pushing since she hit the big time! People, this woman is dumb! I'll steal a Kurt Vonnegut line. One he used for W. "She's so dumb she thinks Peter Pan is a wash basin in a whorehouse." Kurt, we miss you!

Palin is dumb enough to think a snow storm is proof the earth is not getting warmer. Never mind that the last decade was the warmest on record. No matter that the Olympics are in trouble because Vancouver has no snow! Did I mention this woman is dumb! What a sad statement this is about our country that she would be taken seriously for anything other than the manager of a beauty salon. No wait. That's an insult to someone smart enough to manage a business. She couldn't even do that! I guess when our great uneducated masses spend their time watching American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and all the other tripe out there it's to be expected.

Hannity, on the other hand seems to have a spark of intellect. He's no Rhodes Scholar for sure but he has double the IQ points of Palin. (Which puts him double digits at least.) In his case I think no lie is too big as long as it furthers his agenda or puts money in his pocket.

Beck is the same story except his audience is the dumbest on the planet and he knows it. He's a clown for hire.

Listen people. Global warming does not mean Maine is the new Florida. The effect are more complicated than that. Raising the temperature of the world's oceans had a huge effect on ocean currents which in turn changes weather patterns. Also warmer air holds more moisture. This leads to more precipitation. Rain and snow. In the northeast the great lakes get warmer in the summer and freeze later in the year. When the cold air comes down out of Canada it whips across the lakes and picks up all that water. When the air mass hits land the moister is dropped as snow. It's call "Lake Effect Snow". People who live along Lake Erie know when the lake water is warm they're in for lake effect. The warming leads to bigger storms. This concept is too much for stupid people like Sara.

The same holds for the Gulf of Mexico. As the water warms there hurricanes that pass over the water pick up more water and energy. Katrina. Remember that?

I have long held that there is a direct correlation between intellect and political leanings. Just look at some of the presidents. Bush Jr. was a C student at best. Conservative. Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. Liberal. Ronny Ray Gun. Conservative. Palin is dumber than a box of hair. Conservative. Obama was a constitutional law professor. Liberal. No need to go on.