Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keep your prayers.

       In horror we watched another terrorist attack. At this point we don't know who is responsible or why. The why will never make sense. Killing innocent people never makes sense. Just please, people, stop with "my prayers go out to them". "We pray for their families." Save your breath! I you really want to help stop praying and do something worthwhile! Please.

       Stop for a minute and think that the attack may be religiously motivated. So many are. Someone intent on seeing his 73 virgins in heaven killing in the name of some imaginary being. So pray to your imaginary being too? Sure, pray for the parents who have to bury a child for help from god. Where was that god when the bomb went off and took an 8 year old's life?

      I heard one woman on the news saying that a runner she was waiting for had leg and feet craps that forced her to stop. Had she not she would have been where the bombs went off. The woman was sure it was divine intervention. God gave her cramps so she might live. I suppose he put the child close to the bomb so he wouldn't. People can't you see the total insanity here?

      It's insane that in 2013 superstition and belief in creation myths still is major cause of violence and strife in our world. Would anyone give a rats ass about Jerusalem if not for religion? It's a fucking desert! Yet peace will never come there until reason prevails.

      Stop the praying. Pick up a book about science and read it. Question things. I'm sick of the faith. Why is it a virtue to accept things you'd otherwise laugh at? Faith is nothing more than rejecting reason. There is no way you'd believe me if I told you that I could high jump 30 feet. Yet someone born to a virgin who rises from the dead makes sense to you. Only if you are brainwashed to believe it from birth and you turn off your ability to think. If you were born somewhere else and brainwashed by someone else you might strap a bomb to your chest to die for god.

       Praying will do no good. You're whispering to a myth. Blind faith will not help anybody and the stubborn belief that god wants you to do this or that only hurts. Want to help? Reach out to someone who needs help and help them. Don't do it because you want to go some place when you die. Do it because this is where we live now and it's all you get. Try to engage in some rational thought and help to spread it. The people who wrote the bible also believed the earth was flat and if you sailed too far you fell off the edge. They believed sun circled the earth. Why would you take seriously anything they wrote?

      If you think praying will solve anything you're a deluded as the people who flew the planes into the Trade Towers. You think they are crazy because they believe in a different god, different ways of living and a different heaven. Crazy is crazy no matter where you're born.


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