Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Christmas wish

My Christmas wish is that people wake up and realize that there is no god.

The world be a better place without a doubt if people stopped believing in an invisible cloud being and started relying on science, reason and logic. I came to the conclusion there was no god when I was about 15. It was no easy thing to do as all around me people were saying there was. I set out to read everything I could on the subject. My high school girl friend had me meet with her Catholic priest so he might save me. It turned out he couldn't answer the simplest questions and he just got aggravated. I held out high hopes that as time progressed more people would accept the truth. There are more people saying they're atheist now but not like I had hoped. It is amazing that just days before 2010 most people believe in such crap!

Imagine where we'd be without religion! The trade towers were not taken down because as the boy idiot said "they hate our freedoms". They were taken down for religion. Their invisible friend is better than our invisible friend. And then the clueless dim son says "It's a crusade!" Good choice of words numb nuts! No reason the Muslim people would remember the crusades!

Look at the middle east. Do you think there would be all that fighting over what amounts to sand if the crazies didn't think of it as the "holy land"?

Look at what's been done by religion to slow the advance of science. Check out what the Vatican did to Galileo. Look at how the born again assholes want to teach creationism instead of evolution. Just recently the pope told Stephen Hawking not to study the first moments of the big bang because that was god's province. Oh, great. If we listened to religious nut cases, like the pope, we'd still be living in thatched huts thinking the whole universe revolved around a flat earth!

The Vatican and all other organized religion rely on faith. And what faith is is the ability to reject critical thought and accept things that if one examines with reason are totally unbelievable. Would anyone who relied on reason believe that a god so powerful he, or she, could create everything would impregnate a being he created so that these infinitely inferior beings could kill his son all so he could rise from the dead? And don't even get me started on Jonah and the whale, Noah's ark and all the rest of the fairy tales!

Bill Maher's movie "Relilous" is brilliant. I agree completely with his final words. Our long term survival depends on us getting past all these superstitions.

Merry Christmas!

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