Monday, December 14, 2009

Health Care Bull Shit

In my previous post I detailed why I think the US is in decline. An excellent example is the current state of health care. It's infuriating that we can not get a single payer system like most other industrialized countries. We can't even debate it in Washington. The closest we can come it a piece of shit call the "Public Option" and that looks DOA!

People, our government is owned by the insurance companies. There is no doubt of this. I have to give them credit for convincing some people that they have our best interest in mind. They've done an even better job of scaring the great uninformed masses with their talk of... ready?..... be scared......SOCIALIZED MEDICINE! Oh no! They ask "do you want a bureaucrat between you and our doctor?" What they don't mention is that if you have insurance now some college drop out is between you and your doctor.....and between you and the money you need to pay for your medicines and doctor bills. And guess what, morons. They get paid to save the insurance company money. Not to insure your well being.

During a recent visit to the great city of Toronto I asked some Canadians what they thought about our ongoing debate. They were at a loss to understand it. They couldn't understand why there was even a debate. They told me that whereas their system was far from perfect they were happy with it. There are things they would change but they would not trade their system for ours. NEVER! They said they do have to wait sometimes for routine care but never for emergency care or non-elective surgery.

I don't know how the Republicans and the likes of Weasel Joe Liebermann sleep at night. How can they when they know the money in their pockets is money that should be saving lives?

I know someone who is one of those, "keep government out of my life" types. She's against single payer... fuck it.. Socialized Medicine. She is always parroting the talking points. Until recently. She has a friend who has cancer. He's fighting hard to stay alive. He has a young son. She visited him recently in the hospital. He told her he didn't know if he would live. He said he was weighing his options and trying to decide whether to fight on or stop all treatments and give up. You see like most people his insurance policy has a life time limit. Cancer treatments being what they are he's behind in his mortgage, car payments and just about everything else. This 40 something man has to decide whether or not he should fight so his son can grow up with a father or give up so as not to risk leaving his wife and son with nothing. Sons of bitches! How do they sleep?

Now this woman is rethinking. No country with socialized medicine leaves anyone bankrupt because of medical bills. While he chooses life or death over money the president of Humana makes $3.3 million per year. John Rowe at Aetna makes $22 million!

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We won't get any decent health care reform. The insurance companies are buying the votes. They're busy scaring the shit out of uneducated mouth breathers.

Again how do they sleep at night. Oh, and all you out there how are fighting against socialized medicine. Blood is on your hands too!

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