Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day one

All my life people have told me I'm stubborn, closed minded and opinionated. I've been told I piss people off. So I suppose that makes me a natural blogger.

Holding stubbornly and often unreasonably to one's own opinions is how opinionated is defined. I have no argument with the first part. I hold stubbornly to my opinions. They are well thought out, researched and I can defend them. If you want to change my mind you had better have data. This explains why I do have problems with second part. It's not unreasonable to hold onto one's opinion when it's well thought out and backed by data. There are people this definition fits, but not me.

I'm an atheist. (I'm sure this is pissing some people off already. What's the title of this blog?) All my life people have told me I'm closed minded because I don't accept religion in some form. Sorry. But to call me closed minded because I don't believe that there was a virgin who gave birth to god's baby who lived as a mortal, was killed and then came back from the grave is like telling someone they're closed minded for not believing in the Easter Bunny or that the earth was created when a huge turtle rose from the sea with it on his back. Creation myths are all just myths people. If you believe in one, whether its the bible or the turtle, then it is you who are opinionated. You are holding onto an opinion with absolutely no logic or proof.

What this blog for me is a vehicle to do what I like. Express my views and argue. I love to argue. It's like a competition just like playing a sport. You bring your best, I bring mine. What people don't understand (and I suppose it is why I piss people off) is that's all it is. A mental exercise. Sports keep your body in shape. Arguments keep your mind in shape. If you go to play tennis and you get your ass handed to you it's a good indication you need to practice and get in shape. If you get your ass handed to you in an argument or you can't defend your position then you need to stop, think and read.

I am also a liberal. Proud of it. Liberals are responsible for most of the good things our country has done.

So, here we go. I hope some of you read this and get really pissed. What fun! Going forward I intend to post regularly. I plan to talk about politics, religion and just about everything else I find pisses people off. I'll make some observations and maybe tell a joke or two.

I'll leave you with one thought. Isn't it too bad Kurt Vonnegut is gone?I'd love to read what he would say about Sara Palin.

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